It is our feeling that the postoperative care is as important as the surgical technique and one needs to be involved with ongoing care of this specialized surgical procedure in order to maintain proficiency. To accomplish this, we have a core team of health care providers who have been identified as BCIR staff. A team philosophy is at the core of this program and the team leader is a Registered Nurse. He/she has completed a training program including proctoring and has demonstrated competency in taking care of this type of surgical patient.

Bill K.,

Nurse Director

Kathy R., RN

Co-Charge Nurse

Karen F., RN

Co-Charge Nurse

Susan Kay, RN, and Gail Harner, R.N., share the responsibility of coordinating the day-to-day operations of the BCIR program at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. They both act as a liaison among the hospital, the patient and surgeon and will be available early on in the process. They will help coordinate all your needs in preparation for an admission, which is done by phone, and email contact.

Gail Harner, RN