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  • Pill Cam, Capsule Endoscopy or Camera Study

    | Posted by Ernest Rehnke, M.D.

    What is Capsule Endoscopy? Capsule Endoscopy lets your doctor examine the lining of the middle part of your gastrointestinal tract, which includes the three portions of the small intestines (duodenum, jejunum, ileum). These are areas that cannot be reached by traditional upper endoscopy or by a pouchoscopy. Your doctor will give you a pill sized video camera for you to swallow. This camera has its own light source and takes pictures of your small intestines as it passes through. These pictures ...

  • Kidney Stones and Our BCIR Alumni

    | Posted by Ernest Rehnke, M.D.

    Kidney stones are among the most painful and prevalent urologic disorder. More than a million kidney stone cases are diagnosed each year, with an estimated 10 percent of Americans destined to suffer at some point in their lives. For unknown reasons, the number of people in the United States with kidney stones has been increasing over the past 20 years. Caucasians are more prone to develop kidney stones than African Americans. Although stones occur more frequently in men, the number of women who...

  • When Pouchitis Strikes

    | Posted by BCIR

    "Pouchitis can appear at the most inopportune times, and often when you least expect it. Fortunately, the frequency of pouchitis is relatively low in most patients, and when it does occur it is most often easily treatable. The true incidence of pouchitis is difficult to determine due to varying criteria for diagnosis and variable degrees of severity. (1) Though Pouchitis is an inflammation of the ileal pouch, typically anti-inflammatory treatments are less effective on this particular type of ...