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Stomach Incision

The Advantage Of The BCIR

Loss of control over intestinal effluent is clearly a significant event in the life of patients who must undergo a proctocolectomy. An ideal surgical intervention minimizes both interference with the conduct of the patient's daily life and subsequent clinical complications of the procedure itself. The continent ileostomy offers that, and based upon our experience to date and our published outcomes, the Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (BCIR) is a viable option.


  • Because there is no external appliance, the stoma can be located lower on the abdominal wall. Thus, revealing clothing such as a bathing suit will not show the opening.
  • The pouch is internal and self-sealing. After healing, most patients find they can empty the pouch at their convenience, usually two to five times a day.
  • The drainage process is simple and quickly mastered. The pouch is emptied by using a small silicone tube, called a catheter, directly into any toilet.
  • Most patients cover the opening with an adhesive dressing to absorb the mucus that accumulates at the opening. This mucus formation is natural, and makes insertion of the catheter easier.
  • Because the BCIR stores waste internally, patients control disposal by deciding when and where to empty the pouch. Most patients with the BCIR indicate a significant improvement in their quality of lives.*

Please look around our website to learn more about the history of the BCIR, how it works, our clinical studies and various other surgical proceduresavailable. Don't forget to call or email Susan Kay, R.N, if you would like additional educational material including a comprehensive CD.

*"Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir Mulit Center Experience with an alternative to the Brooke Ileostomy." Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, June 1995.