Bill M.


After twenty years of cycles of remission and severe distress, a routine colonoscopy revealed signs of a precancerous condition. At that time, I underwent a traditional ileostomy. This surgery gave me back control of my life. I was no longer a prisoner of the disease. I could come and go at will and did not have to extensively plan my itineraries around the bathroom. What a relief!

Alas, nothing is perfect. Moving wrong while sleeping tended to result in an uncomfortable warm feeling spreading across my abdomen. Putting on a seat belt often was accompanied with the snap of the appliance coming unhooked. Skin irritation was a constant concern.

Then I heard about the BCIR. Not only was I interested, I decided that I was ready to try this as soon as possible. So, in June of 1992 I went to St. Petersburg for my surgery.

Since my recovery, I am a new person with a new life. I still eat everything I want, come and go when I please, never worry about accidents or the need to rush to a bathroom. I empty my BCIR pouch when I feel it is full with no urgency involved. I can shower in a men's locker room without feeling self-conscious. I travel all over the country, commit to a demanding schedule and never give a thought to physical needs. I've never experienced a leak or had an embarrassing situation.

The BCIR has all the benefits of the ileostomy without most of the restrictions!

Bill M.
Surgery - June 1992