This is a picture of the bike and run portion of the Sprint Triathlon. It was a 250 meter swim, 10 mile bike and 2.5 mile run. I started training 8 weeks prior to the event with two goals in finish and not finish last! I am proud to report that I met both goals! At 63 years old, I was the third oldest participant (out of 170 women). I would have NEVER attempted that kind of activity when I was wearing an external pouch...out of fear of it showing through my clothes and also fear of leakage or the worse yet, it coming dislodged! I have been bitten by the exercise bug and will continue to train for future events. I have to add that I heard several girls express concern about having to go to the bathroom or having a 'diarrhea attack' when they got nervous before an event...I thought, 'If they only knew!'

Age at surgery: 39