Tom D.


Like many people who are burdened with ulcerative colitis, I went through my twenties knowing that I suffered from what I called "abnormal frequencies of intestinal discharge," and that there better be a toilet right behind me when the urge occurred. Finally, when I was twenty-eight, I ultimately had to have a total proctocolectomy and ileostomy. Having spent my life trying to maintain a good physique, I almost fainted when I awoke and saw my new stoma. I never got used to using the various appliances necessary to maintain my ileostomy and wanted an alternative.

In 1992, I decided to proceed with the procedure to have a BCIR and have been extremely happy that I did. Upon my discharge from Palms, I returned to my life a new man. No longer did I have to worry about all of the uncomfortable and embarrassing things wearing an appliance creates. The BCIR restored my relations with women by not requiring a need to offer any explanations during intimacy.

As mentioned, I was physically fit and that included bicycle racing and triathlons. Since these sports require tight-fitting clothing or being in the water, appliances were difficult to hide, or keep attached, but the BCIR eliminated any of those problems. In addition to the cosmetic aspect, I never wake up with a mess because an appliance had come loose. My occupation required the potential use of physical force and the BCIR eliminated any concerns that an appliance presented. I don't have to worry about what activities I can take part in due to limitations created with an appliance. Suffice it to say, my BCIR has greatly improved my quality of life!

Tom D.
Surgery - 1992